Park University offers our Staff, Faculty, Students, and Alumni, the ability to use a Park-approved and branded signature for their email address.  To quickly create this signature, there is a simple form to fill out and your signature is available at the click of a button!

The following outlines the steps necessary to create your signature in our template form.  Once you have completed the steps on this page, you will be copying and pasting the created signature into your Email client (instructions for doing that are found on the form page).

1 - Click here to access our Park University Signature Generator form.

PLEASE NOTE - you will possibly see what appears to be an error when accessing this page that says you don't have permission.  This just means you need to login to MyPark, which you can do in the upper-right corner of the page with your ID number and password.

2 - Begin by selecting the role of the mailbox for which you will be creating a signature.  This could be for your mailbox you use in Outlook, this could be for your Academic mail as a faculty or student, or this could be for a shared mailbox you use with others in your department.  Select the entry that best fits.

3 - Once presented with the form, fill in your information as applicable.  Please note that the fields marked with asterisks are required for the role you chose, all other fields are purely optional for you.  Anything you do select here, though, will be included in the email signature you create.

4 - Click the "Show Signatures" button once your information has been entered, and this will reveal the signatures available for you to use with this information.

5 - You will now be copying the signature that you would like to use in your email, and inserting it into the appropriate mail client.  All of the links for these instructions are located below the created signatures.  

Links to instructions for supported Email clients:

Please note - Park University Information Technology Services only supports the Outlook application for mobile devices such as iPhones, Android phones, and iPads.  If you are using a different mail client for your mobile device, please consider downloading the Outlook app from your respective app store (it is free).