1. Highlight the desired signature and press CTRL + C.

2. Open Outlook.

3. Click "New Email" in the upper left hand portion of the window.

4. In the new email window, click "Signature" in the toolbar.  From the drop down menu, select "Signatures".

5. If you are creating a new signature, click the "New" button.  If you are editing an existing signature, select it from the menu.

6. Paste your new signature in the window by pressing CTRL + V.  You may need to use the scroll bar at the right to see all of the information in your signature.

7. To make your new signature the default signature, select the signature name in the "New Messages" field under the "Choose default signature" heading.

8. Click "OK" to save.

9.  You may need to completely exit and re-launch Outlook for the changes to take effect.

10. When you create a new email, you will see your signature is automatically applied.