Step 1: Open Outlook.

Ways to open Outlook: Command + Spacebar and then search Outlook. Or open Finder and go to Applications.

Step 2: Once Outlook is open and signed in, go to "Outlook" word in the top left of your screen and click it.This will give you a drop down and you want to select "Preferences". You can also do this using Command + comma

Step 3: From here, click on the "Signatures" icon located in the middle.

Step 4: In Signatures, you can see a list of Signatures you have. By default, you may only have a "Standard" signature which is the basic blank template. Edit this by clicking "Edit"

You also have the option on this screen to choose what, if any, signatures are automatically included on New Messages as well as on Replies/Forwards.

Step 5: Once you click "edit", the signature editing window will open behind it. This is where you can paste your email signature that you made in MyPark using the Park Signature Creation Form.

By pasting the signature below the line, there will be a clear separation between the end of the email message and your signature.

Step 6: Once you have verified the look of your signature, you will want to save what you have done.  You can use the shortcut Command + S or click File in at the top of your screen and click "Save"