When using the Virtual Student Desktops in Citrix, it is not necessary to use a USB flash drive to save your assignments.  In fact it is far easier and more convenient to store your saved filed in the cloud.  Park University provides two "cloud drives" for all Students, Faculty, and Staff:  Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive.

This article will show how to use the Google Drive.  For MS One Drive, see this link.

Downloading Assignments Or Files To The Virtual Student Desktop From Google Drive

If you already have a file that you wish to use in your Google Drive, you can download it to the Virtual Desktop.  First, open the Chrome Web Browser.  Click the grid icon in the upper right of the Google Home Page:

Click the Drive icon:

If you are not yet logged into Google with your Park account, you will be prompted to.  If you are already logged in with your Park account, you can skip this login section.  On this screen, click Go to Google Drive under Personal:

Enter your Park email address using your ID number followed by "@park.edu" (i.e.  #######@park.edu) and click Next.

You will be re-directed to Park's Single Sign On page.  Enter your Park ID number and Park password in the fields, then click the Login button.

Navigate the folder list on the left of your Google Drive to where your files are.  In this example, we created a folder called My Assignments where our files are. Click your on your file to highlight it.

Now click the three vertical dots on the toolbar above and then click on Download as shown in the example below.

Depending on the file you are downloading, you may get a warning as shown below.  If so, click Keep at the bottom.

Once downloaded, you can click the file to immediately open it in the associated program.  Some files can be associated with many different programs, so you may want to open the file from the Downloads folder.  To view this folder, just click the arrow next to your download and then click Show in folder.

This now displays the file you downloaded in the Downloads folder.

Saving Your Assignments To Your Google Drive

Once you have completed your work on the Virtual Student Desktop, you will need to save it to your Google Drive so you don't lose it.

We will assume you are already logged into your Park Google Drive.  If you are not, please see the login instructions in the previous section.  Open your Google Drive and navigate in your folder list on the left where you want to upload your file(s) to.  For our example, we have a folder called My Assignments that we are going to upload to.

Click the + New button in the upper left, then click File Upload.

A dialog box appears.  Navigate to where you saved your file.  In our example, we saved ours in the Downloads folder.

Select the file you wish to upload, then click Open.

Your file is now uploaded securely to your Google Drive.