This article covers saving files from your virtual desktop to your local device, in this case, a mac. If you are looking for instructions for Windows, you can find it here:

Step 1: Configuring for read and write access.

Citrix can't read or write files from your Mac until you give permission. Usually a popup will appear when opening the folder in your virtual desktop asking if you would like to give certain access. We are going to just give it full access so it feels easiest when moving files back and forth without worry.

Go to Security and Privacy settings, this is accessed by opening System Preferences which looks like a gear on your Dock. If that isn't visible, press the Command Key ⌘ + Spacebar then search for "System Preferences" then click on it or press Enter to open.

Click on "Security and Privacy", this is where we can configure read and write access.

From here you should see a window like below, scroll down till you see "Files and Folders" on the left hand side and on the right "Allow the apps below to access files and folders"

Check all the boxes for Citrix Viewer and Win10RETR or Win1064 if listed. Its possible this won't show up if you haven't opened it yet or its not currently open, in which go ahead and launch the virtual and go back to here to enable the read and write access manually.

Should now look like this:

Now with permissions added we can move on to the next step.

Accessing from the local device.

Open your virtual desktop and click on the folder icon at the bottom or your name in the top left hand corner. This opens an app called File Explorer, which is how you navigate to folders your most likely familiar with like "Documents"

You might get this message, in which click where the arrow is pointing::

Once File Explorer is opened, click on "This PC" located on the left hand side. Then click Local Disk (C: NAMEOFCOMPUTER)

Then click on "Users"

From here yo are accessing your folders within your Mac and some of you may already know what to do from here. I will list here how to get to the Documents at this point.

Double clicking on "Users" will get you to here: Your username should appear there and thats the folder you will double click on next.

And this is the finish line, should now be able to see Documents, Downloads, ect. Drag and drop files from your virtual desktop to these folders and you can then access them on your Mac.