Here is how to setup your Park gmail account on macOS so you can view it here without needing to go through your web browser. (In some instances, it may be better to go through the web browser for issues like emails not sending, Mail app crashes, ect.). As a note, this was done on MacOS Mojave with latest updates, this part should matter but if everything looks off or wrong in this setup, you may consider updating or looking into alternatives.

Below is an example on setting up just Park's gmail. You can include your personal and at first you wonder how you will ever separate the two but there is button that will make it more manageable like in Outlook.

Information you need: You need to know your ID#.

Adding Just Park Email to Mail App

Step 1: Open Mail. You can find this app in your Applications folder within Finder or,  hold down the Command key + Spacebar to open spotlight and search for "Mail" (For Windows keyboard, press the windows key + spacebar)

Looks like this:

Step 2: Add an email account.

Select the service you will use, in our case its "Google". This will bring up a prompt letting us know that Safari will open to bring us to the gmail website to sign into our Google account

Step 3: Once Safari opens, Google will prompt for your email address. This will be your, here is an example:

Once you click next it should bring you to the Park sign in portal, this is normal as we have to sign in twice. Although for the username, just put in your ID#, example, 0000

Then your Park password that you use with the ID# to sign into most of Park's websites. 

You should be prompted now to allow MacOS into your gmail. Click "Okay" or "Next" to accept. 

That should be it. However, if you already have your personal logged in and not sure how to add another account. Here is how.

Adding Another Account To Mail

Step 1: Click on Mail

Step 2: Top right corner, click Mail, and then "Add Another Account"

Step 3: Click the service your email is from.

Step 4: Fill in the required security information and email address. (For Staff, I recommend only using Outlook for work related email)

Managing Two Emails On Mail App

You dont have to manage it this way, but this is the only way I keep myself sane when handling two email inboxes

In the top right of the Mail App window, by default, "Inbox" is highlighted, next to it though is "Mailboxes". Clicking this will give you a sidebar window so you can manage both Mailboxes as well as individual folders you wish to apply rules to or what gmail has already set. (Like promotions, ect).

Kinda sloppy but its the gist of it.

Created by Shilo Acebedo-Moore