When opening any Adobe app on a lab computer or computer using a Shared Device License. It will ask for an Adobe ID. There are several different ways you can sign in.

Note: This does not mean that your account has Adobe License, you are just singing into a computer that has the program and license assigned to that computer only.

If you have your own Adobe Account, go ahead and sign in with that.

First Method: Sign in to Google.

Step 1: Open any Adobe program, Photoshop is pretty good to start with.

Step 2: Popup for signing into Adobe should appear. At the bottom of that window should say something like "Or, Sign in with" with the Facebook button or Google button.

Step 3: Click the Google button, this will open up your web browser to Google's sign in page. 

Step 4: Should ask for your email of the Google Account. All students get a Google Account and the username is their ID#@park.edu for the email address.

Step 5: This will then have you login again but this time through the Park University portal, for username, enter just the ID #, no need to add @park.edu. The password is the same as your My.Park or Canvas since they share the same credentials.

Step 6: Enter DOB and click continue, this should complete the Google account creation for Adobe.

Second Method: Create an Adobe Account

Step 1: Click the blue text saying " Get an Adobe ID"

Step 2: Follow the on screen instructions. It's pretty straightforward. I recommend NOT using your ID#@park.edu for the email. Use your personal email.