Currently, Microsoft does not make Access that runs natively on a Mac.  However, that doesn't mean you are out of luck.  In fact, you have a few options.  

The first solution is to use Citrix and log in to the Student Lab which already has Access installed.

If you are looking to install Access (or other MS software) on your Mac directly, you can either use Boot Camp or Parallels.  Boot Camp allows you to install regular Windows on your Mac, thus you can then install any MS software.  Parallels lets you run Microsoft software without having to log out of your Mac and boot into Windows.

For more information about Boot Camp:

For more information about Parallels:

Once you have setup either Boot Camp or Parallels, you can now download MS Access and install it on your computer.  Here's how to get MS Access (Windows, Visio, Project, and much much more):

Finally, if you do not wish to install any Microsoft programs on your Mac, you can also use the Virtual Student Lab using Citrix.  Here is a link that shows you how to access Park University's Virtual Student Lab: