When on Campus, you can connect your phone to WiFi.  Most Campuses have two WiFi signals:  Park-Guest and Park-Net.  

Anyone can connect to Park-Guest and does not require a login.  This is most helpful for guests or just anyone who would rather not hassle with login info.

Those with a Park account can connect to Park-Net.  If you are a Student or Adjunct, you would use your Park ID number and password.  If you are a Full-Time Faculty or Staff, you would use your Windows login (usually first initial + last name) and password.

Here are general instructions for setting up on Park-Net per type of phone.  (Please note that your phone may look different, however setup is basically the same.)

How to Connect to Park WiFi - iOS Phone / Tablet

How to Connect to Park WiFi - Android Phone / Tablet

How to Connect to Park WiFi - Windows Phone