Setting up your security questions is the best way to make sure you can get back into your account should you get accidentally locked out or forget your password.

To start, go to

Log in with your ID number and your password.  Once logged in, if you have never set up your security questions, it will immediately prompt you to set those up.  Make sure to choose questions that you can provide definite answers to and answers that won't change in the coming years.  Of course, if you want to change your security questions and answers, you can certainly do that at any time.

If you can't remember your password and need help getting it reset, please contact the Help Desk at at (800) 927-3024 or (816) 584-6768 during business hours and we'll be happy to get your password reset.   If you are unavailable to call, you can also use our Online Chat by visiting
Help Desk Hours for Phone and Live Chat:

Monday-Friday  8am - 5pm Central Time

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