· Do I have to complete an entire course or program in one sitting or will the system record my progress?

The system will record your progress—even if you’re in the middle of a course. When you go back in to continue the course you will be taken to point in the course where you left off. Therefore, Consultants don’t have to re-do any work they’ve already done.

· What does the “Next Up” section mean?

As courses are assigned to each faculty or staff, the “Next Up” section contains the Programs and individual Course content that have been assigned to you or that you have enrolled in. As each of these modules are completed those courses or programs (groupings of courses) will move out of this section and move into the “Completed” category below.

· What does the circle to the left of a course or program mean?

The circle will show you the visual of your progress of the course of program you are taking. At any time during a course, you may leave, which will put a marker of filled segments for the portions you have already completed.

· What is a program?

A program is a series of courses where each course must be taken in the order they are created.

· What is a course?

A course is an individual module of learning.

· What does the check mark next to a course mean?

The check mark means the course has been completed.

· What does the color of my profile circle mean?

The color doesn’t mean anything in particular. The color for each name is chosen at random. The color can be changed when you either take a selfie or upload a picture.

· What is the Learning Library?

How do I use it? The Learning Library contains the courses and live training that are open to anyone for enrollment.

· What does Next Up, Optional, and Completed mean in the My Learning portion?

Next Up refers to the next course you have to take in any given course that you have been automatically enrolled in. Optional refers to elective course that you individually select from the Learning Library. The Completed section includes any course that you have already completed.

· What is the search bar for in the learning library?

You may look for courses that have been tagged with particular words to narrow in on your course choices.

· What does the sort function allow me to do?

The sort function (located across from the Search bar on the Learning Library) gives you a variety of sorting options i.e., by date added to the Learning Library.

· What does the filter function allow me to do?

The filter function allows you to filter by duration and completion status of courses in the Learning Library.

· How do I sign out?

Go to your profile. Click on Sign out