To navigate to Class List within MyPark, log into MyPark>Faculty>Course Control>Class List

Find your course by entering the term and course code

The first option you'll see is at the top of the screen, a blue button label "Set Options"

The "Set Options" button will allow you to make choices on what is viewed on your class list

The Class List has many features, many available within the grey bar along the top of the list. You can:

  • Email all of the students on the Class List from the list or from Outlook
  • Email some of the students on the Class list using the check boxes on the far left of the screen
  • Email individual students using the envelop icon next to their name on the list
  • Export your Class List to an Excel spreadsheet for other uses
  • Check to see if a student has a FERPA restriction
  • A students name, ID number, and when they registered
  • A students major, how many credit hours the class is
  • The class of a student (Freshman, Sophomore. etc)
  • The names of the students advisors and in some instances a link to email the advisor

The bottom Grey bar offers a few of the same features, ability to email all or select students and the ability to export your class list to an Excel file.