Sometimes Google Chrome can hang onto an old password and always send it instead of your new one.  This can cause frustration as eventually it could lock you out of your account after four consecutive tries.  Here's how to get rid of an old password in Chrome.  (We will use and old Canvas or MyPark password as an example, but this can be for ANY website you have a saved password in Chrome)

To clear out an old saved password in your Google Chrome do this:

1.  Click the three lines/dots in the upper right corner of Google Chrome.

2.  Next, Click the Settings

3.  At the top it will have a search bar of Settings.  Type the word password in there

4.  One of the results will say "Manage Passwords".  Click "Manage passwords".

5.  On this new box, you will see "Search passwords" in the upper right.  Click that, then type in the word, canvas or my.park (depending on which you want to remove).

6.  It will show a line that has /, then your Park ID, then some dots, then three dots on the right.  Click the three dots.

7.  Now click remove.

This removes JUST the old password for Canvas or MyPark in your Google Chrome.  This won't remove any other passwords you have saved.