Timeout errors can be caused by a number of issues.  These can be a computer problem, a web browser problem, or a connectivity issue.  On a rare occasion, the system may be busy if which case simply try again in a few minutes.

Other wise, let’s get started getting your Online Classes back.  Please DO NOT SKIP ANY STEPS.  Skipping steps will make resolving the issue take LONGER and could cause more trouble!!

1.  Shut down your computer, wait 15 seconds, then power your computer back on.  Simply closing the lid on a laptop, putting the computer in Sleep or Hibernation modes will NOT do the same thing.  Completely powering off your computer not only resets Windows, but all the hardware in the computer has been reset as well; this includes all the networking hardware and their drivers (the physical things that make your computer connect to the Internet).  Some Time Out errors are caused simply by the computer having a difficult time “talking” to the Internet.  By powering off the computer and powering it back on again, if there are any minor “hiccups” with your computer being able to “talk”, this generally clears it up.  There is really no substitution for turning the computer all the way off, then back on.

Try the website again.  If that doesn’t help, proceed to Step 2…

2.  If you are still having trouble with logins and timeouts, then the trouble could be in the web browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.).  Find the web browser you are using below and follow these steps:

Internet Explorer



Google Chrome