Windows 10 - With Video Explanation


1. Open File Explorer (Folder Icon)

2. Right Click on "This PC" and click "Map Network Drive":

3: On the dialog box, select the drive letter you would like it assigned to, then type in the path to the Shared Folder in the Folder Box:

You might be asking, what is the path? If you don't know but know what the folder is called. Go back to "Computer" and type in \\parkshare0# '# representing 1-4 as there are 4 different shares' example being \\parkshare01. Hit enter and that will take you to that drive that holds various different folders like financial aid, you must have access in order to go into them though. 

So if you wanted to add a folder called MyFiles thats located in parkshare02, then you type this into the field above: \\parkshare02\MyFiles

4.  Finally, click the Finish button.

Windows 11:


First, open File Explorer. If you don’t have a shortcut to File Explorer in your taskbar, right-click the Start button and select “File Explorer.”

In a File Explorer window, right click on my computer and choose the Map Network drive option

In the “Map Network Drive” window, click the “Drive” drop-down menu and select a drive letter that you will assign to the network drive. It can be any letter in the list, depending on your personal preference.

In the “Folder” field, enter the network device and share name. If you don’t remember it, click “Browse” to see available devices on your local network.

If you want Windows to always reconnect to this drive every time you sign in, check the box beside “Reconnect at sign-in.” And if you want to connect with credentials (username and password) other than the ones linked to your current Windows account, check “Connect Using Different Credentials.”

When you’re done, click “Finish.”

After clicking “Finish,” Windows 11 will attempt to connect to the network drive.

The easiest way to find the filepath for the network share is finding your share in \\parkshare01, \\parkshare02, \\parkshare03, or \\parkshare04, then clicking on the folder you want to map, then clicking on the top bar and copying pasting that path.