If you are trying to join a Lync / Skype Meeting and get the following error, this Solution helps resolve the issue.

Error Message:

If you get the above error when trying to join a Lync / Skype Meeting, you should not have Firefox or Chrome join it.  Rather, there are a few ways you can join the meeting successfully and without the preceding error from Firefox or Chrome...

1.  In your Outlook, open the meeting invite in its own window.  You will now have a button in the toolbar that allows you to join the Lync / Skype meeting:


2.  You can right-click the "Join..." hyperlink in the meeting message, choose Copy, then Paste that hyperlink into your Internet Explorer:

3.  You can click the Join Online button in the meeting reminder window itself:

These are the ways that will tell your Lync / Skype to jump directly to your Lync / Skype app and start up the meeting.

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