(Depending on the version of Android you have, your device may look different, but the steps are essentially the same)

From your home page, go into your Settings, then into your Connections.

Now tap WiFi to see the networks available.

If you are within range of the Park WiFi, you should see Park-Net listed.  You may have to tap “Scan” if you know you should be within range but don’t see the Park-Net connection.  Tap on Park-Net.

A box will open asking for your Username/Identity and Password.  If you are a Student or Adjunct, you would use your Park ID number and password.  If you are a Full-Time Faculty or Staff, you would use your Windows login (usually first initial + last name).   Enter your password in the Password field, and tap Connect.  Do not use Anonymous if provided.

You should now be connected to Park-Net, as shown similarly below.