This guide will walk you through the steps to use the Five9 Contact Center software for use on your Park-issued Windows laptop.  If you are attempting to use Five9 Contact Center on your Home PC, please visit this article instead.

1. Please go to the Five9 Login page at

2. The username is your (for example,

If you don't know, or have forgotten, your password please click the "Forgot password?" link.

If you have never logged in to Five9 before, please contact the IT Help Desk for assistance with your first login to Five9.

3. After logging in, you will see a screen similar to this (Please note your options may differ based on the accesses you have).

4. Click on the Agent link, and you are now ready to begin using the Five9 Contact Center!

5. If you receive any errors after clicking on Agent, it could be because you have not yet had the browser extension and/or Softphone Application on your Park-issued laptop.  Please contact the IT Help Desk by calling 816-584-6768, via email at, or by visiting and request to have the Five9 Software installed on your PC.