The process for Course Development Requests and Contracts has moved from using a physical PCO document to filling out a new digital PCO.

Please refer to the following presentation/guide regarding these changes: New Digital PCO Guide

The old starting point was accessed through the following URL:<PARK_ID>

The new page is now accessed by selecting the "Enter New CDR - Digital PCO (CTS)" menu option in the Faculty website's main page ( - see screenshot below)

After selecting the menu option, the user will land on the new digital PCO web page ( This is also the page CDEVs, CCAs, DEANs, DLT, and Departments will be redirected to for approving an initiated CDR for it to become a contract (see screenshot below).

If you have any questions regarding the business process, please contact 

If you have any technical issues, please contact ITS through a support ticket.