This guide will help you download and install ArcGIS Desktop for At-Home Use for the 2022-2023 Academic Year.

1.  Go to this link to download the files:

(you must be logged in to Google Drive with your Park University ID number (ex: to access these files.  We will not be able to grant access to these files to any non account.)

2.  Click on the ArcMap folder at the top of the screen and choose Download.

You should see the progress bar in the bottom right telling you it's zipping the files, and once it is completed it will download this zipped file into your Downloads directory.

3.  Browse to your Downloads directory, and find the file you downloaded there.

4.  Right-click this file and choose Extract All

You may choose to extract the files wherever you'd like, by default it will put them in your My Documents folder.  Take note of where these files are, you will need this location in the next step AS WELL AS a later step.

5.  Browse to the location you extracted these files, find the .exe file called ArcGIS_Desktop_1082_180378.exe and double-click it to run it.

You should see a progress bar indicating the process is working

6.  When this step is complete, click the Close button to launch the setup program for ArcGIS.

7.  Select all of the default selections when going through the steps to install, such as the path to install it, to accept the license, etc.  After a lengthy install process, you should see a screen confirming the installation was successful.  Click Finish to complete this step.

8.  The ArcGIS Administrator Wizard should now launch automatically.  Choose the option Advanced (ArcInfo) Single Use) at the top of the screen, and then click the Authorize Now button at the bottom.

9.  Choose the option "I have received an authorization file and am now ready to finish the authorization process" from your choices

Then click Browse, and go the location from Step 4.  The file name should be EducationSiteArcGISDesktop_SingleUse_1206634.prvc.  Select it and click Open.

Then click Next to proceed.

10.  Click Next again to Authorize with Esri over the internet.

11.  The next screen should be pre-populated with information, you should not change any of this.  Esri requires this information match exactly how the software was licensed, and in the Shared Single Use license model this is what they recommend.  Click Next on this screen without making any changes.

12.  THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT, PLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY.  You must now choose information about the Organization, Industry, and Yourself.  The "Yourself" in this case is the person who created the license file.  Your answers here must match exactly these choices:

Your Organization:  Education-Staff/Faculty

Your Industry:  Higher Education

Yourself:  IT Manager/Supervisor

Click Next to complete this step.

13.  Verify the Software Authorization Number is correct.  It should read ESU130225239.

14.  Choose that you do not want to authorize any extensions at this time.  Click Next to continue.  Click Next on the following screen as well without choosing any "evaluation extensions."

15.  You should received a message that authorization is complete.  Click Finish to complete setup.

16.  Click OK to exit the ArcGIS Administrator screen.

You should now be able to launch ArcMap, among other applications, on your PC.