Your MS Exchange mailbox (Staff and Full-Time Faculty mail) is protected from spam by Office 365.  You will receive daily Spam Notification messages to notify you of any messages that have been placed in quarantine.  Any legitimate mail caught by mistake can be released directly from this message or from the quarantine portal (see details below).

Mail left in quarantine will automatically be deleted after 30 days.

Handling Quarantined Email

Legitimate messages placed in quarantine may be released into your inbox one of two ways:

  • directly from the daily spam notification email message or
  • from the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center (more info below).
    • It might be helpful to bookmark the above link in your browser of choice for easy future navigation.

Users can check the quarantine portal anytime or whenever they are missing expected email.

From the spam notification message:

If you receive mail that has been placed in quarantine you'll receive a message like that shown in the image below.  The following options will be available to you by clicking the respective links in the message or you can choose to do nothing.

  • Release to Inbox - message is released from quarantine and placed in your inbox (please note, the message will still show in the list of quarantined messages but will have a "yes" in the column denoting whether the message has been released or not)
  • Report as Not Junk - Microsoft is sent a copy of the message to be analyzed. Doing this tells Microsoft that the message isn't junk. However, it does not guarantee that the message will not be placed in quarantine the next time it is received.
  • Do Nothing - Message will remain in quarantine and be deleted automatically after 30 days.

From the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center:

Quarantined email can also be handled in the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center.

  1. Go to, using your Park-provided Office 365 credentials.
  2. If necessary, click Threat Management and then click Review (this should load by default).
  3. If necessary, click Quarantine (anywhere in the box). (this should load by default).
  4. A list of your emails in quarantine should be now be displayed.  When loading into the Quarantine page, you may initially see a message saying "No Data Available".  It is normal for this page to sometimes take up to 60 seconds to initially load your information, and there is no visible indication that information is loading.  Please let this page load; if there are messages to manage they will load eventually.
  5. Click any message, or the checkbox(es) next to messages to select them, then choose from the options given, which will most commonly be:
    • Release message- delivers message to your Inbox.
      • This option will take you to another screen where you will have the option to Report messages to Microsoft for analysis (this is selected by default).  Clicking the button on this final screen labeled Release message completes the process.
    • Preview message - Shows you the content of the message to help you decide what to do.
    • Remove from quarantine - Deletes the message from quarantine permanently so you will not see it again.

See Find and release quarantined email for details.