What is it?

MyPark is a student portal that offers you access to multiple resources in multiple areas. MyPark is the main area where you will find all of the information you need to guide you to the right places and help you find everything you need.

How can the student access the resource?

As a student you can log into my.park.edu and log in using your ParkID@park.edu and your password. This will take you to the home page. You also have the option to use MyPark via an external link without logging in.

Why would a student want to use it?

MyPark is full of resources that every student should have access to. The Home page offers custom tools for you to use as needed, as well as any announcements the university may need to distribute. You also have the option, on the home page, to change your password and harness available Google tools. MyPark also has a Google like search bar in the upper right hand corner that allows you to search a topic and will return results based on your search. This helps you navigate both MyPark and the university

Is there a quick start/basic use guide available?

There is not a quick start or user guide for MyPark. It is suggested that you enter the site and navigate around the pages to see everything there is to offer. Once you’re comfortable with MyPark, moving around within the site will become second nature. One thing you may notice is the menu string that shows you the path you’ve taken. You cannot use the back button on MyPark, but you can simply click on the section you wish to return to.


How Does the Item Make a Student More Successful at Park?

You have the resources, under the Student tab, to examine Online Classrooms, Add or Drop courses if need be, check your grades including grade information, your grade report and even your GPA projection, request transcripts, get the information on the textbooks you’ll need for your classes, and pay for your classes with credit card or e-check. There are several other financial tools for you to use on MyPark. The Financial Tools button under the student tab has a wealth of options to help you with your finances. Student Documents are another resource for you to get quick information of forms in a .pdf format.

How does this item improve the student experience?

The entire university is at your fingertips! No matter if you are a student on the Parkville campus or at a Campus Center, all of these resources are in place to help you improve your education and knowledge of the university. Pirates Keep gives you instructions on every technology that you may encounter and how to use it. The links on the Student tab under Life at Park and Information Technology Resources aids you in any technological aspect you may want to use. MyPark may have answers to questions that will prevent you from having to call the help desk, chase down advisors, or keep track of your progress all on your own.

Where can the student find support such as a phone number, email address, or physical address?

Support is provided through our normal Help Desk, which can be reached at 800-927-3024 or emailed at helpdesk@park.edu

Is there a policy in place?

IT Acceptable Use Policy