The SSO system allows for you to login to one system and have access to others, all without having to sign in to each instance separately.  For example, logging into MyPark then having to log into Canvas with the same credentials again.

Now to log in to your accounts, You will use your instead of just your ID alone.  So if your Park ID is 1234567, you will log into these systems using and your regularly used password.  (the passwords have not changed.)

If you're receiving errors when attempting to log into your My Park, one possibility is that you may be logged into another account with Microsoft online.  The other might be potential saved browser credentials, addressed at the bottom of this article.

Checking for the correct Microsoft Account:

You can check this by going to   If you are automatically logged into the website without it asking for your credentials, click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and check which account is listed.

In the example provided, the user is currently logged into the incorrect account for MyPark access.  This should be  

If you do not see your park email address listed here, click on the sign out button below.

Once you're logged out of Microsoft, it should land on a page with a similar looking section on the left.  Notice at the first arrow that now we're signed out, It shows an option to sign back in and lists the INCORRECT email address.

To sign into your Park account, click on the bottom highlighted box that says "Switch to a different Account".  The area with the incorrect login will convert into a text field where you can now enter your park email. 

     Incorrect email listed. Click Switch to different account
Enter YOUR Park email address in field demonstrated       

The next page should take you to the password screen with the Park image background and Password field

Ensure that you are logging in with the correct email address that will be listed in the box, and enter your normal My Park login password in the text box below. 

If prompted to stay logged in, you can choose whichever option you prefer.  

We can verify now that we are logged into the correct Microsoft account by going back up to the top right of our screen, clicking on the name and looking at what account is listed. In this example, we are now logged into the correct account.

Returning to may automatically have you logged in once you land on that front page.  If so, you will see your name in the top right of My Park similarly to the Microsoft example.  You are now logged into My Park.

You are now logged into My Park.


If you've signed out of Microsoft online and had multiple accounts, there's also the possibility that when clicking LOGIN on My Park, you'll be given the option of which account to log into as pictured below.  Your Park ID should now be listed as highlighted,  if for some reason it is not, click Use another account, and sign in like the steps above with your ID@park email and password.  You should land on the Park login screen with your name in the upper right as displayed in the image above. 

Click on the Park ID account to continue

Saved Browser Credentials

Your Browser may also have your old login credentials saved which may cause some issues with logging in, since you're now using the email instead of ID, it's likely your saved passwords are still linked to the ID only.   Click the link Below to your corresponding browser to view instructions for how to remove/delete a saved login/password. 

Google Chrome credential removal - Click here
Firefox credential removal - Click here
Edge Browser credential removal - Click here

If you are still having difficulties with logging into mypark, feel free to submit a ticket to  

Or call our toll free number at (800) 927-3024 or (816) 584-6768 during business hours and we'll be happy to assist you with obtaining your log-in credentials.