Occasionally a student will call or email that they're not able to access the Library resources linked in mypark and canvas.

Since Park does not have a true Single Sign On, logging into MyPark doesn’t mean anything on the library side of things. We don’t use it for anything, and logging in to MyPark doesn’t log you into anything Library-related, so anything being accessed through MyPark is likely just a link to the library website. 

Our system, OpenAthens, authenticates through Park’s LDAP, and sometimes students’ accounts are not synced properly across systems (for unknown reasons, though we suspect it has to do with how student accounts are created in the LDAP). 

Typically, resetting a password will force the LDAP to resync with OpenAthens and students will be able to log in.

Resetting passwords works to solve the vast majority of library login problems. If they continue to experience issues,  should email us directly at library@park.edu so that we can troubleshoot further.