The following courses require proctoring for the final exam.   

This list is subject to change at any time.

AC435      Ethics for Accountants

ACC617   Advanced Managerial Accounting

CS130      Developing the User Experience

CS131      Introduction to Web Structures

CS152      Introduction to Python Programming

CS202      Secure Programming

CS206      Introduction to JavaScript

CS208      Discrete Mathematics

CS225      Programming Concepts

CS240      Web Programming I

CS252      Object-Oriented Programming

CS305      Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

CS314      User Interface Design

CS317      Web Animation

CS319      Computer Architecture

CS322      Web Programming II

CS330      Principles of Mobile Development

CS335      Introduction to Cybersecurity

CS351      Computer Operating Systems

CS352      Data Structures

CS365A    Computer Networking I

CS366A    Computer Networking II

CS369      Operating System Administration

CS371      Internetworking

CS372      Advanced Networking

CS375      Secure Operation

CS377      Digital Forensics

CS380      Compilers

GGP205   Intro to Meteorology

IS205       Managing Information Systems

IS361       Data Management Concepts

IS362       Applied Database Management

IS370       Information Security

MA102    Introductory Algebra

MA120    Basic Concepts of Statistics

MA125    Intermediate Algebra

MA135    College Algebra

MA150    Precalculus Mathematics    

MA171    Finite Mathematics

MA208    Discrete Math

MA210    Calculus I

MA211    Calculus and Analytic Geometry II

MA212    Calculus & Analytic Geom III 

MA311    Linear Algebra