Below are common Military and Veteran student services terms 

COE – Certificate of Eligibility. A form that shows the type of GI Bill how many months and days remaining of the benefit the veteran has left to use. 

DD214 – Certificate of release or discharge from active duty military service. 

GI Bill – This term is also referred to as VA educational benefits. The GI Bill is earned from being in military service and is used to pay for tuition and fees. 

JST – Joint Service Transcript. This contains the military training and credits that may transfer into Park and be applied to a veteran’s degree. 

LES – Leave and earning statement obtained from active duty military service. This is the military’s version of a pay stub.

MOS – Military Occupational Specialty (your job title in the military). 

ROTC- The Reserve Officer's Training Corps offers two and four-year programs of military training culminating in an officer's commission. In some colleges, credits for these courses can be applied toward fulfillment of degree requirements. (Army, Air Force).

SVA – The Student Veterans of America Organization comprised of military connected students, civilian students, and anyone passionate about supporting military veterans.  

VA Agreement – The form signed by students using VA educational benefits that includes the student responsibilities when using said benefits. Once complete, this form is put into the student’s file.

VA Once- Internet based application used to submit enrollment certifications and notices of change in students status to VA.

Facility Code- Identifying number assigned to institutions approved to provided education or training to eligible veterans and dependents.

IHL- Institution of Higher Learning. A college, university, technical or business school offering instruction a the post secondary level that leads to an associates or higher degree.

Kicker- Additional money added to an individual’s education fund by the Department of Defense to encourage enlistment or retention in the Armed Forces.

NCD- Non-college Degree. Any institutional vocational/educational training not leading to a standard college degree.