Below are some common Park University terms related to semesters, degrees, and advisers. 

Semester, Degree, and Adviser terms

Each student will be assigned a Student Success Coach and a Faculty Advisor 

Semester-The period of time in which courses are scheduled. Semesters last approximately 16 weeks. The summer sessions are usually 8 weeks.

Fall 1 and Spring 1 Classes - First 8 weeks of the semester

Fall 2 and Spring 2 Classes - Second 8 weeks of the semester (after break).

Summer Terms 8 weeks online, or 4 weeks in June face-to-face, or  4 weeks in July face-to-face

Student Success CoachA member of the Student Success Office who advises students academically and is a point of contact for various campus resources. 

Faculty Advisor- A member of the faculty in each major who advises students academically and professionally for internship possibilities, career advice, and suggestions on when to take courses. 

Undergraduate Student- Refers to a student who is working toward a bachelor's or undergraduate degree.

Graduate Student- A student who has earned a Bachelor's Degree and is continuing college to earn a Graduate Degree (Masters Degree, Doctorate).

Bachelor of Arts- Usually signifies concentration of studies in science and the humanities - including foreign language, literature, social studies, etc - a four-year program. Requires a minor. Ex. Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, etc. 

Bachelor of Fine Art- Usually signifies concentration of visual or performing arts without a foreign language. No minor required. Ex. Interior Design, Graphic Design, etc.

Bachelor of Science- Usually signifies concentration in math, science, technology, etc. without foreign language-a four-year program. Does not require a minor. Ex. Education, Nursing, Business Administration, etc. 

Masters Degree- Post bachelor's degree usually involving one or two years of additional study.

Doctorate Degree- Highest academic degree awarded by a college or university for advanced graduate study.

Certificate Programs- Short-term career training programs that are intended to lead to employment upon completion

Major- Subject in which a student takes the greatest concentration of courses.

Minor- Subject in which a student takes the second greatest concentration of courses (usually 18-21 hours).