If you used the online Change Password Setup (accounts.park.edu) to change your password but you still cannot log in, the very first thing to try is close the web browser or tab that is showing the error.  Sometimes web browsers can get "stuck" on an error and will just keep showing you the error over and over even when you type it the new password correctly.

If you found yourself on the "Incorrect login" error page too many times, you may find yourself locked out.  But don't worry, lockouts only last for about 20-25 minutes.  If this happens, close that browser or tab and give it about 20-25 minutes, then go back and try again.  Most often, this is the reason a newly changed password does not appear to work right away.

On a very rare occasion (usually during high demand times such as Finals week), it can take 20-25 minutes for new passwords to copy across all the various systems here at Park.  We typically recommend that if you do need to change your password, to give it 20 minutes so you don't accidentally lock yourself out.

Other tips:

If you change your password, make sure you update it wherever you have it saved such as in web browsers, or the email app on your phone.  We have found that this is the #1 cause of random, yet repetitive lockouts after a password has been changed.  Feel free to reach out to the Help Desk if you find yourself getting locked out repeatedly after changing your password and we can help track down why it's happening.