MS Access can had found two ways:  Office 365 A1 Plus, and Azure Dev Tools For Teaching.

(Mac users:  click here for how to use Access when using a Mac)

How to get Office 365 A1 Plus:

Go to

Log in with your ( username and regular Park password.

Go to the Install Office in the upper right corner and click the little down arrow next to it.  (Note! This will only be visible if you are using a PC or Mac - Chromebooks, Linux, etc. will not see this.)

Click on Other Install Options from the menu.

Here you will find the option to install Office 365 A1 Plus which includes Access.  (You should see the red MS Access icon shown in the list of the other Office icons above the download button.)   Make sure that you choose the correct version and language you need, then hit the Install button.

What if I just want Access and don't need to download the entire Office 365 A1 Plus Suite?

Park University provides access to Microsoft's Azure Dev For Teaching program ( formerly known as Dreamspark or Imagine Premium program).  This program allows you to acquire MS Access, MS Project, Windows, Server, Visual Enterprise, plus much much more.

To access it, go to:

Click the blue Sign In

There, login with your ID number followed by  For example,

After putting in your Park password, you should see a screen like this:

Check the box and click Accept Terms

You can now click the Software tab on the left a browse to which software you'd like to download.

You can search for specific software as well as shown in this example:

If your software has a license key, make sure to click the View Key button for it and keep it in a safe place.