Setting up your new Amazon Echo Dot is easy.   Please read this entire article as the evolution of Smart Devices/Speakers are constantly changing and we recognize that people use each device differently.

First, do you have an Amazon Account?  If not, go to step 1.  Otherwise, skip to step 2.

1.  Go to  If you do not have an Amazon account, you can create one by clicking the "Create A New Amazon Account" button.  Follow the instructions provided.

2.  Now, let's setup your new Dot.  Whether you use a mobile device or your computer, you will see the same Alexa App format.

    If you wish to setup your Dot using a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet, download the app and install it on your mobile device.  You can search the app store for your device for "Alexa App", or go to

    If you wish to install your Dot using your WiFi-enabled computer (laptop, AirBook, Chromebook, etc.), go to and log in with your Amazon credentials.

Go to Settings on the left side of the app or page, then tap/click on Set Up New Device.

3.  Now, follow the instructions in your Alexa App to configure your Echo Dot.  Remember, you do need to have WiFi where you are setting up your Echo Dot, and you will need to know your WiFi password if setting it up at home; for setting up your Dot at a Park Campus, see the note below the video.  Here is an easy-to-follow video guide on setting up your new Dot:

WiFi setup on Park Campuses:

When setting up your Dot at a Park Campus (Dorm, Classroom, Office, etc.), you must have your Dot connect to the Park-Net-Guest WiFi network.  Echo Dots are not able to connect to Park-Net, Park-Lab, nor Park-Employee.  If you wish to setup Smart Lights, Smart Devices, etc., to be controlled by your Alexa, you must install a personal WiFi Router in your Dorm Room or Office and connect your Alexa and smart devices to that network.  Park Net Guest will not allow smart devices to communicate for security and safety.

For assistance, you can call the Park University ITS Help Desk for guidance at 816-584-6768.