• Navigate to https://parkuniv.cloud.com using the browser of your choice.
  • Log in with your student ID@park.edu username and password.

  • Once your credentials are entered correctly, you will be prompted for Multi Factor Authentication to enter a code sent to your phone using Microsoft authenticator.  If you set up multi-factor authentication using your phone, click on "I cant use my Microsoft Authenticator app right now"   (If you do not receive a prompt for a code you can check your MFA settings at myaccount.microsoft.com then by clicking the security info option. For further troubleshooting of MFA issues, please contact helpdesk@park.edu or by calling 1-800-927-3024)

From here, You will be presented to the citrix workspace web browser application.  You can then click on your student lab, persistent desktop for staff, or temporary desktop under Desktops on the left hand plane:

CITRIX is downloading a link when opening desktop (or isnt working):

Please click on the circle with your initials and choose account settings

Then click on the advanced tab in the left hand menu

If you have the citrix workspace app installed, you do not have to do anything, back out unto the home screen of the workspace web app and then click on the desktop and open it with citrix workspace app

If you DO NOT have the citrix workspace app installed, you can use the web browser version instead under the advanced options under account settings.

Lastly, if you want to download the latest citrix workspace app, under the advanced tab in the account settings menu, you can click on download workspace app

This will automatically start downloading the citrix workspace app which you can find in your downloads folder.