If a faculty member is not able to log in, or they do not have the faculty tab.  The following items need to be checked.

1.) That they are assigned to faculty in the role_rec

- This tells CX that a person should be in MyPark and check the end date

2.) That they have a record in the userid_table for their account

- It will reject a person and not give a person a faculty role because faculty need to enter grades/attendance and for an audit trail there needs to be a record with the userid_table granting that rights.

If this is a Adjunct Faculty, there might not be a CX user in /etc/passwd for the instructor, thus, make sure to create the record in the userid_table as below:

uid: <Max uid from table + 1>

id_no:  <ParkId>

user_name: <ParkId>

active_date: <current date>

Run the following query to get max id and then increment it:  select max(uid) from userid_table

or simply query ">>" on uid field through senter2 userid_table in CX.

In the above screenshot, then the new record would use 11295 as the new uid.


3.) There may be a jenzcst_rec record that would negate the person being in the role_rec