What is it?

An Identification card (ID) is a student ID card with the your name, photo, and a bar code that allows the you to use the card for multiple purposes.  Every student on a campus that offers the use of an ID card should obtain one.

Where do I get it? When do I get it? What if I lose it? What do I need it for?

Campus ID Cards can be made in Thompson Commons Campus Safety Office and in the Downtown campus. Approximately 95% of ID Cards are made in the Campus Safety Office; however ID cards made in the Downtown location have special access so that the ID card will operate the parking garage gates.

All Park Students are eligible for a new ID free of charge when they enroll. If you lose the card, you can obtain a new card for $20.00. This fee is taken at either Campus Safety or the Cashiers office (no cash)

Park ID’s are chipped and have a bar code on the back. Each ID is issued a library number; this is the long barcode on the back of the ID. Depending on your residential status, access may be placed on your card to their dormitory, front door of residence building, and also access to the fitness center. If you have a meal plan, you will also need this card as meals are placed through your ID card.

How can the I access the Resource?

The easiest way to obtain a ID is to come directly to the Campus Safety Office; this is necessary as we take a your picture to place on the ID card. At this time without you physically coming to Campus Safety, we are unable to provide ID card to our other campus centers.

Why would I want to use it?

For door access, meal plans, as a library card, laptop kiosk checkout, and for discounts to certain stores.

How does the item make me more successful at Park?

Having an ID card assists in activities such as gaining access to fitness centers, dorm rooms, access to the library, and also getting discounts to athletics and other stores in the area. It is a card that indicates that you are part of the Park community.

How does this item improve my student experience?

Depending on the nature of the your status (residential) or (commuter) ID cards are a very necessary part in assisting you on campus. However some students, mainly commuter, do not feel they need one as they do not use any of the aforementioned programs.

Where can I find support such as a phone number, email address, or physical address?

Campus Safety has both a site on www.park.edu, and is mentioned several times in the Student Handbook. The Campus Safety phone number is located on the back of the ID card.