What is the Resource?

The ability to utilize three dedicated stations in the Academic Plaza for collaboration on group projects.


How can I access the Resource?

A student can plug in their device using a HDMI cable or RGB cable and aux cord to the outputs to display their screen automatically. Mac users will need to utilize an adapter.


Why would I want to use it?

Facilitating collaboration is helpful if you are working on a group project, need an additional help evaluating a project, want additional feedback or consideration on a item, or just want to show what you are working on.


Is there a quick start/basic use guide available?

To start:

  1. Evaluate your computer to determine your needs for your cords (RGB or HDMI) or if you need a apple (mac) adapter
  2. Plug in your display cords and / or sound cord to help sync audio and video
  3. Wait for the Television to change to your display
  4. If that does not happen, manually change the display by selecting the display button to the side of the television.
  5. Collaborate
  6. When finished, simply unplug your device and it will return to the previous device . You do not need to turn the TV off.


How does the item make me more successful at Park?

Having the ability to effectively share, collaborate, and engage in the critical thinking process with digital content creates the ability for students to engage with the mission and values of Park University by helping giving you tools to diversify your community, think critically, communicate effectively, demonstrate a global perspective in your classes and community involvement.


How does this item improve my student experience?

They collaboration stations exist to facilitate meaningful and impactful learning through sharing, expressing, and evaluating ideas. The stations allow for the sharing of digital content and artifacts to peers to help facilitate the creative and evaluatory process.


Where can I find support such as a phone number, email address, or physical address?

Help is provided by the Help Desk here: email helpdesk@park.edu or

directly at Phone: (816) 584-6768 or 1-800-927-3024.  


Is there a policy in place?

When using the devices users will need to abide by the Park University Student Code of Conduct and Information Technology Acceptable Use policies found in MyPark.


Is there additional or third party documentation available and where?

None yet.