1. You will need to login to your MyPark Portal, then under Home tab scroll down under Park custom tool for my pages and click on 

Financial Account information .

2.Then you will be sent to Park university Student Financial Tools page

3. Click on Online Financial Aid Portal , and login to Parks Fin-aid Portal by clicking on link below 


4. Make sure to login using student id number and password you have setup for Fin-aid portal. (The password for the Fin-aid portal is likely NOT the same one you use for accessing MyPark or other Park systems.) Then navigate to right side of page and click on Menu and choose View Awards from the drop down Menu

5. On the View Awards Page , you will be able to Accept/Decline Awards and submit them. You may have to use the Scroll Bar below your award information, to scroll over and actually see the action options.. 

To Reduce an amount, enter a lower dollar amount in the appropriate Total column. 

To Accept / Decline an aid, click on the Drop Down next to Pending in the Status column. 

Or you can use the Decline All / Accept All buttons if they meet your needs. 

Once you have acted on all offered aid, Click the Submit button. 

If you don't see your awards in the View Awards screen OR if you don't have a View Awards tab on your Portal, please contact Park University Student Financial Services at 816-584-6290 or finaid@park.edu. 

If you have issues or get an error message when trying to use the Portal, please contact Park University Help Desk at 816-584-6768 or 800) 927-3024.