If you have forgotten your password and cannot get past your challenge questions or have never setup your security challenge questions, you can call the Help Desk at 800 927 3024 and we can assist you in obtaining your credentials.

Help Desk Hours for Phone & Live Chat:

Monday - Friday:  8am to 5pm Central Time

Once your password is reset, we highly recommend you log into the Change Password Setup to set up your challenge questions so you can reset your password at any time.

Sometimes your account can be temporarily locked out if you entered your password incorrectly 4 consecutive times.  Lock outs will automatically unlock after about 25 minutes.

Please Note:  Per Park University Security Policies, passwords will not be sent via email requests.  You must call or chat with the Help Desk in order that your identity can be verified before a password is reset.  Requests for passwords by email will be given the above contact information in order that you call or chat with the Help Desk.