These are the instructions for setting up your Employee (Staff) email on your smartphone.  These instructions work for both iOS and Android phones.

In order to maintain the same functionality with your email, calendars, and shared mailboxes, you should download the Outlook app from the iTunes Store (for iOS phones) or the Play Store (Android phones).  Once installed, when you first open Outlook on your phone it will begin walking you thru setting up your email account.

Type your credentials in using your ID# followed by, for example  Use your regular Windows password. Finally, tap Sign In.

Third-Party Email Apps (non-Outlook)...

NOTE:  Each manufacturer of smart phone has a email program made by that manufacturer (iOS, Windows Phone, Samsung, LG, etc.), and while you can certainly use a Third-Party email app, Park University Help Desk does not:

- Guarantee third-party apps will work

- Offer continuous support for third-party apps in the event they stop working or crash

By using the Outlook app for your smartphone, your app will always have the latest updates issued by Microsoft and stand the highest probability of uptime should Microsoft deem it necessary to make changes to any settings.

Below are the settings you will need to set up a third party email app (non-Outlook) on your smart phone or tablet.  Due to the extensive number of third-party apps, Help Desk will not be able to set these up for you.  Help Desk can only support the Outlook app for smartphones and tablets.

Email address:  (Your regular Park address) or

Domain\username:  a backslash followed by your ID#  For example:  \

Password:  your regular Park password

Exchange server:

Use secure connection (SSL):  yes, or check the box for it

Use client certificate:  no, or do not check the box for it

Description or nickname:  Park Email

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact the Help Desk at 800 927 3024, or you can bring the device to Park ITS located at 12 E First St (adjacent from the Main Campus in downtown Parkville) and we'll be happy to help.