In order to receive your free copy of Office 365, go to

Use your Park email (<your ID number> to log in. You will be given the choice of either a work/school account or a Microsoft account before you are allowed to enter your password. Select “Work or school account.”   


If it says “We don't recognize this user ID or password", your Park password may not be properly synced with Microsoft's Office 365 program.  To re-sync your password, simply log into and reset your Park password.  The re-syncing will take approximately 30 minutes.

If you are able to sign in and but you do not see the software install option in your account, please submit a new ticket so that we may assist you further.

If you see the “Install now” option, then everything is working properly. *NOTE* Make sure that you are using the device with which you wish to permanently install a copy of Microsoft Office.