Our Ink Print kiosks are provided to us by our partner Ink, and all support and FAQ information is best found on their site:  http://support.inkcloud.me.

For your convenience, you can also go directly to the links below for specific sections:

Ink Printing Questions

Ink Drive Questions

Linking Your Cloud Accounts to Ink

Ink Account Questions

Ink Scan Questions

Ink Payment Questions

We are proud to have six locations currently at which you can take advantage of our Ink Print Kiosks:

Norrington - 1st Floor in the study area by the laptop kiosks

Mackay - 2nd Floor, inside the computer lab

Milsap Foyer - at the top of the stairs by the SGA office

Copley Quad - by the main entrance on the 1st floor

Copley - 3rd floor near the elevator

Chestnut - 1st floor near the main entrance