If you are having trouble logging into the Library Proxy Server, or you are being asked for a Username and Password from an affiliate database (but can never login), please review the following items:

Who Can Access the Database?

All Staff and Full-Time Faculty have access to the database.

Students who are enrolled in a current or future course can use the database.

Browser Issues

Cookies MUST be enabled on your browser.  If they are not, you will need to go into your browser's settings or options and make the appropriate change.

Attempted Work-Around

Try connecting directly to http://pegleg.park.edu and login there to see if you can access the databases.  Note:  if you are having to go directly to pegleg.park.edu, then you should NOT use the Pirate Search at the top of the screen as it will almost certainly not work in these circumstances.

If the above does not help you resolve the issue, please submit a work order so we can further assist you.  Be sure to include how you are connecting to the internet (WiFi, ethernet/wired, mobile, etc.), include your ID #, what browser you are using, and the details of what steps you attempted above.