How To Backup Files/Folders

Backing up means that we have a copy of files or folders saved somewhere else. This does not include software/programs/apps. For example, Adobe Photoshop. Backing up files and folders can be done in many different ways. We will start with the most common and what you may be familiar with

Method 1: My Documents Folder (as long as you are on the Park network). Happens automatically.

Read this:

With this method it backups your files and folders to Park's servers and is tied to your Park account. If you log into another computer on our network, these files will automatically download to the Documents/My Documents folder. May take a while depending on how much you have. 

In Windows 10 its just called Documents. In Windows 7 it will say My Documents, these are the same thing. You can access it by clicking the folder icon in your taskbar (bottom of your desktop screen with all your pinned program icons)

Looks like this: 

Whats key is the green circle and when you are in your Documents folder it should say something like - 

This is located in the bottom left hand corner.

If there are issues with the sync or the sync status date is not today's date, then that means your computer is not or hasn't connected to Park's network in a while. Park's network is the internet connection we have on campus.

Method 2: Microsoft Teams/One Drive 

If you haven't used Teams before, I highly recommend you start. Its got a great chat system, project management and works very well for cloud storage.

Go to and you should be signed in already. If not sign in with your Park and password.

Next go to "Files" located on the left hand side. Here you can see recent files you viewed within teams as well as add cloud storage options. For example, I use both OneDrive and Google Drive.

Click OneDrive and then drag and drop any files or folders into the big space on the right:

Tip: Make a folder on your desktop called "Backup For New Computer", then copy all the files you want and paste them into that folder. When your done, just drag your new folder into Teams. 

Hopefully this saves on a lot of times. You can also click on the Plus Add Cloud Storage button in teams if you wish to add Google Drive or Dropbox, but we recommend sticking with OneDrive and Google Drive. 

Method 3 - Google Drive 

Just like Teams drag and drop, you can do this in teams already and just add Google Drive. But lets say Teams is giving you a hard time. Then we can just go straight to Google ourselves:

After clicking on the link it will take you to your google drive if you are signed in with your Google Account. If not it will ask for an email address and password. Your email address will be:, just like signing into MyPark.

Once in, its as simple as dragging and dropping or clicking the upload button. Note that they changed how Trash works in Google drive and that it will be deleted forever in 30 days. This only applies in Google Drive.

Method 4 - Manual/Flash Drive

Get a flash drive or external hard drive ready and plug it into your computer. Then drag and drop your files into the flash drive or external hard drive. You can also copy and paste.

There are more methods but these are the most common or easiest in my opinion. If you have problems then please contact the helpdesk at 800) 927-3024 or (816) 584-6768 or submitting a ticket here at