Unlike the Virtual Desktops and Labs in Citrix, Splashtop allows Students and Faculty to remotely access actual lab computers in our Parkville Campus.  Accounts are created for individual users based on availability and need.


To get started, you need to have an account created.  An invite to create an account is sent to the user's email account.  When you receive the invite, click the Accept the invitation from your administrator link:

It will direct you to the Splashtop website where you can finish creating your account.  Once completed, you will be sent another email inviting you to download the Splashtop Business App.  You can click the link in the email or click here.

You have the choice of which platform you are using (Windows, macOS, Chromebook, Linux, etc.  Click the link for the computer/platform you are using:

Once you have downloaded and installed the Splashtop Business App, you can now log in to use the lab computers.  When you open the Business App you will be prompted to login with the credentials you setup for your Splashtop Account.  You have the option to stay signed in if you prefer.  Once done, click the Log in button.

If this is the first time you logged in on your device, you will be prompted with a Security warning "Authentication Required".  Click the OK button to send you an email with the authentication link you will need to authenticate your device:

Go to the email sent to you and click the Authenticate this device link:


You will now be able to log in to the Splashtop Business App.  Once logged into the Splashtop Business App, you will see the available computers that you can log into.  Those computers that are available are in Blue, while those that are not available are greyed out.  Those computers are already have another user logged in will show with a green circle.  Please choose an available computer:

Once you click on a computer, click the Connect button:

You will now be prompted to connect with your Park credentials to that computer.  

  • In the Username field, enter your Student ID number (Students), or your Windows Username (Faculty & Staff).
  • In the Password field, enter your Park password.
  • Do not change the "Mail" domain
  • You have the option to have the Splashtop Business App remember these credentials so as not to ask you again in the future.
  • Click the OK button.

You are now presented with the Windows Login screen of the actual computer.  You can use the credentials you just entered to log into the computer.  Click the Log in button to log in with your Park credentials:

If this is the first time you logged into this specific computer, please allow a few moments while your profile is created on the computer.  Note: when you log into this specifc computer in the future, the login will be faster as your profile is already built on that computer.

You are now ready to use the computer as if you were sitting at the actual computer:

When you are finished with the computer, YOU MUST SIGN OUT OF THE COMPUTER.

Click the Windows logo in the bottom right, then click your Name/ID, and finally click Sign Out:

The final step is to disconnect from the actual computer.  Click the Disconnect button on the Splashtop Business App Toolbar at the top.