1. Creating a Team

2. Creating Channels for a Team

3. Adding Members to a Team

4. Chat Features

Now that you've got the basic shell of your team created, it's time to add some channels.  This is also completely optional, and can be done at any point down the road as needed, but the benefit to channels is that it can help organize Larger teams into their smaller units.  

For Instance, Information Technology Services is a larger all encompassing team that houses several areas of specialty like Help desk, Tech Support, System Admins for various programs, Telecom, etc.  Each one of these subgroups can be created as a "Channel",  to the overall department, which would be our "Team", ITS.

Channels can also be created for special projects and disbanded as needed. 

Creating Public and Private Channels

1. To create a new channel in your team, Click on the 3 dots next to the name of your team and Click on the Add Channel option. 


The dialogue box that pops up next should look pretty familiar as it is nearly identical to the one we saw when we first created our team. We'll give our channel a name, description, and privacy option here as well.

2.  Enter then name you'd like to give your channel.  You can add a description in the second box, but this is always optional.  You can skip that if you'd like.

At the very bottom is a box to "automatically show this channel in everyone's channel list.  If you're creating a public channels that your entire team is able to access, this is a good option to check so everyone is able to see what's available.  When a channel is made privately this option will disappear as only the members of that channel will see and need access to it.

If you click on the privacy drop down you've got the option to make the group private, so only designated individuals are able to access the team with it's own set of files.  This feature can also be useful for work on special projects to connect only those needed to collaborate on a project.  

3.  Once you've Given your team a name, and if desired a description and privacy type, the ADD button at the bottom right will activate purple allowing you you create your Channel.  click ADD to complete this step.

(perform this same set of steps as many times as you need to create additional channels.  

Another familiar pop up to note, if you choose to make a Private Channel, it will also ask you if you'd like to add members right away.  This again is optional and can be bypassed by hitting SKIP if you'd like, so you can set up the rest of your team before adding them. If you'd like to add them now, just start typing the name of an individual, click on it when it pops up, then click the ADD button.

NOTE:  This will ONLY search for people who are already members of the general team overall.  If you've not added anyone into your Teams general channel, no one will be available to add to private channels.  You must have members first.

Important note regarding Private Channels.  There currently is no way to change a Private channels setting over to a Public channel. Once the privacy designation has been made and channel created.  It is locked to that designation.  You will need to create a new channel and delete the old if you are wanting to change the privacy setting.   This also applies to public channels.  They cannot be changed to private afterwards.  

Managing and editing your channels

Now that you've got some channels created, you should see them listed in the column on the left as pictured below.  Each channel as you hover your mouse over the channel name, will have the same "..." three dots appear on the right side of the name.   This is where you are able to manage the options for your channel once it's been created.  The options differ a little depending on if it's a private or public channel.  Private channels will have an additional option to Add members to it, whereas a public channel does not since it's accessible to everyone in the Team already. 

(Notice that private team has a padlock icon indicating the team is private)

You can use those "..." Three dots menu to make changes to your channels settings, notifications and alerts, leaving a channel or deleting one if you are a team owner.

You can use those "..." Three dots menu to make changes to your channels settings, notifications and alerts, add more members, get a link to invite someone via email, leaving a channel or deleting one if you are a team owner.

Note, that a Channels Privacy settings CANNOT be changed once the channel is created.  You cannot make a public channel private, or turn a private channel over to public.  The channel will have to be Remade and old one deleted.