If you are a Supervisor using Interaction Desktop (CIC) for your Queue, you can monitor calls that come in to your Team.

You will need access to IC Business Manager in order to monitor calls; please contact the Help Desk if you are a Supervisor and need access to IC Business Manager.

First, make sure you are successfully logged into Interaction Desktop (CIC) first.  If you need assistance logging into Interaction Desktop (CIC), see https://support.park.edu/en/support/solutions/articles/6000171778-how-to-log-into-cic-interaction-desktop-.

Now you can open the IC Business Manager using the Icon from your desktop or Start Menu:

It will give you a login screen, make sure to check the Use Windows Authentication checkmark, that voice-cic-1 is in the server field, then click the Log On button:

It either give you the Getting Started Screen or your Default Workspace.  Make sure you are on your Default Workspace by click the the House Tab on the left:

Note:  You should setup your Default Workspace so that it resembles the following (Where you can see incoming calls to your Queue in one pane, and all of the Agents assigned to the Queue in another pane.  This way you can not only see incoming calls/interactions, but also see what Status your Agents are currently in.  Make sure to set the Workgroup to the Queue you are assigned to in both panes.  Example:

Now, to start monitoring calls, you need to click the space in the bottom right that says, "Not Listening":

This will give you a box asking which Queue you want to monitor or listen to.  In the Queue type box, click Workgroup Queues.  In the Queue Box, type in the name of your Queue (finaid, Admissions, etc.), then click the Start listening button:

This will begin the Listening (monitoring).  If there are no calls, you will not be notified.  When a call becomes available, you will be called to the extension or phone number you are logged into under the Interaction Desktop (CIC) program (see first of this article).

Listening when no calls are coming in:

Once a call comes in, the phone extension or number you are logged into will ring.  Once you answer, you will see the above dialog box change to the below giving you access to the additional features:

If you have more than one call in the Queue, you can skip to the next call by clicking the Listen to next call button.  Otherwise, when one call is done, the call with automatically switch over to the next call without having to notify or call you again.

If you have any questions or trouble, feel free to submit a ticket.