Skype for Business on Park University computers work by contacting our servers and getting you automatically logged in. But not all the way. There are two log in phases that happen.

The first login phase, will involve signing into your SIP login, its a username that is generated on the server side. Its not something you can look up but there is a known pattern. This login looks like this when starting skype for business that isnt on the domain automatically connecting to our servers.

Windows version: SIP username goes in Sign-in address:

MacOS version:

SIP Username is usually: first name initial, then Here is an example 

Clicking continue will have to move on to Phase Two.This is what most people see when signing in if they are on the domain or logging into Citrix Receiver virtual desktop.

Click on "Enter Credentials"

From here enter your ID# and put like an email. Your password will be the same to log into my.park

That should be it! If you have any questions please contact the Help Desk.