Park University partners with ProctorU, a leading e-proctoring solution to provide remote electronic proctoring. ProctorU is automatically installed in all Canvas courses that require a proctored final. If you do not see the ProctorU link in the Canvas course menu, please email with the course section information.


Instructors are the first line of help when students have questions, see the following related articles & resources:

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ProctorU Student Guide

List of Proctored Courses

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Instructors must set up their final in ProctorU using the instructions below prior to the start of the term in order for students to be able to schedule their exam.

Set a password for final exam

Note: Do not share this password with students.

If your course’s final will be taken in Canvas:

  1. Open the Final Exam in Unit 8 and click ‘Edit’ in upper right
  2. Under ‘Quiz Restrictions’ check the box for ‘Require an access code’, then type the password that will be used for your final
  3. Save

If your course’s final will be taken in MyLab set the password up there:

  1. Click on MyLab & Mastering menu link
  2. Click on MyLab Assignment Manager
  3. Go to the Final Exam, click on Select > Edit
  4. Click Next to get to ‘Choose Settings’
  5. Under ‘Access Controls’ check the box for ‘Required password’, type the password that will be used for your final
  6. Save

If your course’s exam is given through a different 3rd party vendor product you will need to set up the password there.

Setup the Final Exam in ProctorU:

  1. Click the ProctorU menu link on your course’s home page and Login
    1. To Create an Account (first time only)
      1. Choose ‘Yes’ for “Do you have an immediate exam that needs to be entered?”
      2. Leave defaults for: Institution (Park University), First Name, Last Name, & Email (these are passed into the system from Canvas)
      3. Create your unique Username/Password
      4. Add one phone number (required)
      5. Add Address (you can use Park’s home campus or your own) 8700 NW River Park Dr., Parkville, MO 64152
      6. Picture is optional
      7. Accept Terms & Conditions, and ‘Create Account’
  2. Click ‘Add New’ button on far right, and choose ‘Exam’ from the drop-down. Fill in the following fields:

Exam Title: enter your course information using the format shown below:

CS151DLF1A2020 – Introduction to Programming – Final Exam

MA120DLAF1A2020 – Basic Concepts of Statistics – Final Exam

Department: Choose appropriate department

Incident Users: Add yourself so you will receive incident reports. Note: Instructors are solely responsible for following up and taking action on any reported possible cheating incidents.

Term: Choose current term only! Do not choose “Extended Date”

Instructor: Leave Default

Duration: 120 minutes

Exam URL: copy/paste the url of the exam page

Exam password: Must match exactly the password set above.

Permitted resources: Select all appropriate choices, you may need to review the exam parameters in your Canvas course.

Permitted browsers: Firefox & Chrome

Expected No. of Test Takers: # of students enrolled

Additional Exam Notes & Accommodations: Details such as if someone needs more time, or if there are specific tools to open, pdf’s to download, etc)

Contact Info for Exam Issues: Fill in all fields in case of power loss, browser crash, etc. This is for ProctorU to reach out to you if there is an issue, not the student.

Windows This is important, students will only be able to schedule their proctored final during the dates and times you set up. Do not set up dates/times outside of the Week 8 time period!

First Appointment: Monday’s date of Week 8 – 12:00 AM

Last Appointment: Sunday’s date of Week 8 – 8:30 PM (This needs to be early enough that students have full time for the final, plus time to get through the ProctorU setup, especially when ProctorU is busy. The term ends on Sunday of Week 8 at midnight, students will not be able to access or submit anything past that time.)

                Submit for Review

You will see the ‘Exam completion overview’. Make sure your password matches what you set up in Canvas or the 3rd party vendor, and that the Effective Dates are within the Week 8 period, from Monday at 12AM to Sunday at 8:30PM.

Extending Quiz Time in Canvas & ProctorU for Incompletes

After a Contract for Incomplete has been processed by the Registrar’s office, Online Operations is notified and will automatically extend end dates and times in Canvas, ProctorU, and 3rd party vendor products (where applicable) so the student can access their final. If the instructor has set any additional limitations on the Final, whether in Canvas or a 3rd party vendor, those will need to be adjusted by the instructor to allow the student access. 


Freshdesk Article: Contract for Incomplete – User Guide