Microsoft Teams can help you keep connected with your teams, allowing you to communicate and collaborate in a single, secure location.

MS Teams has a lot of features and tools to help your teams collaborate. Here are some good videos to help you get started quickly:

Microsoft Teams Video Training

To access MS Teams visit:

If you are not already logged into Office365, you will be prompted to log in with your Park and password.

To get started, Create a new team for your team.

  1. Click the Teams icon on the left navigation pane

  2. Click the Join or create team button:

  3. Click the Create team button

  4. Click on Staff

  5. Enter a name for your team and an optional description, then click Next.

  6. Add members of your team by starting to type their name in the box and when they pop up, click on their name and click Add.  Repeat this step for each of your team members. NOTE: You can add additional members to your team later through the Manage Team option.

     Once a member is added to your team, they will receive a notice alert in Outlook and an email will be sent to them with a direct link to your team.


Connect Zoom to Microsoft Teams

Zoom as an app for Microsoft Teams that allows you to launch Zoom sessions through a convenient chat bot, as well as tools necessary to schedule new Zoom meetings.

To install and connect the Zoom app

  1. Click Apps in the lower left hand corner

  2. Type “zoom” in the Search all box and click the Zoom icon when it appears.

  3. Click the Add button and select Add to a team.

  4. Enter your teams name in the Search box and click on its name when it appears. The click the Set up a bot button in the lower right hand corner.

  5. When prompter to connect Zoom to your Microsoft Teams account, you will be prompted to login. When prompted, select Sign in via SSO. Enter “park” in the box. When asked to enter your username and password, enter your Park ID number and password and click Login.

    Additional instructions for working with Zoom in Microsoft Teams, please visit

For more information about MS Teams, please consider watching these informative video guides: