Working at home can be challenging in the best of times, and the skills we use with our on-site teams don’t always work well when you, your manager, and co-workers are at home. Now is a good time to educate ourselves about how we can be effective working at home despite the distractions and uncertain environment. 

We have some great resources that can help keep you productive, as well as some tips that we hope you will put to good use. Check out this video by the Harvard Business School and Zoom for some great initial tips: 

We want to highlight what we believe are key tips to get you into the working from home groove.

Create a new routine

The more closely you can establish a routine similar to the way you work in the office, the more successful you will be, so we recommend that you begin each day by:

  1. Getting up
  2. Getting showered
  3. Getting dressed
  4. Starting your workday

Managing Distractions

  1. Set expectations with those in your household that you are generally not available during work hours
  2. Keep a dedicated space to work in each day

Staying Productive

Again, be sure to mirror your in-office work habits at home:

  1. Maintain regular hours
  2. Take regular breaks
  3. Leave home once a day if possible – get outside!
  4. Ask immediately for resources you need to be successful
  5. Socialize with your co-workers via Zoom, Skype, and chat frequently.
  6. Show up to your meetings and actively participate through video
  7. Take sick days if you need them
  8. Continue to focus on personal and professional development and training when possible
  9. Overcommunicate with co-workers about tasks and deliverables; it’s easy to retreat into your cave
  10. Be positive! You and your co-workers are doing the best you can in the circumstances

Additional resources: