Faculty Load Policy Location and Summary


Policy Location

My Park > Resources > Academic Affairs > Document > Policies and Procedures 

Policy Summary

Adjunct Faculty

Adjuncts may be scheduled up to 6 credit hours per 8-week term, 9 credit hours per 16-week semester, and 21 credit hours per academic year, and cannot exceed any of these limits at any time. The limits apply to courses delivered via any modality at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Full Time Staff

Staff may teach up to 3 non-concurrent courses (9 credit hours) per Academic Year as an adjunct instructor and must be approved by the staff member’s supervisor.

 Full-Time Faculty (Summer Term)

According to the CBA, full-time faculty may teach up to two courses (6 credit hours) during the summer session without prior approval by the Dean and the Provost. If contract requirements have not been met, courses taught in the Summer term will count towards their required load.


Overload Permission Request Form and Instructions

Run Cognos "Faculty Load by Academic Year Data" Report

 NOTE: If you do not have access to COGNOS, this data can be pulled from the website: www.park/edu/course and search by Faculty then type the data into the form.

  1. Open Cognos: http://cognos10/ibmcognos/cgi-bin/cognosisapi.dll?b_action=xts.run&m=portal/main.xts&startwel=yes
  2. Login with your Park login and password (NOT you Park ID or CX login) and click [OK].
  3. Click on [My Home] > [Reports] > [Campus Center Reports] > [Faculty Courses Taught with IM].
  4. Select the report parameters in the screenshot below. Arrows indicate the required action.
  5. The spreadsheet will download in the bottom left corner of the screen or you will be asked for a method of delivery.
  6. Open the report and [Enable Editing] so the data can be copied into the Overload Permission Request form.

Overload Permission Request Form Location

MyPark > Resources > Academic Affairs > 

(See attachment at end of the FAQ section.)

FORM: Overload Permission Request Instructions

  1. Open the Overload Permission Request form and Save As before completing.
    • Save Location: (Desktop or wherever you want to save the form.)
    • File Name: Overload Request <Term> - <Instructor’s First and Last Name>
  2. Complete the top portion of the form including the facts BEFORE Overload Credit Hoursection. 
    • Current Term: Hours in both 8-week or 16-week terms. Example:
      • Teaching 2 courses in F1A & FA (1-8 wk & 1-16 wk) would be 6  credit hours in the Current Term.
    • Semester: Hours given in a 16-week term. This does include concurrent 8 and 16-week courses. Example:
      • F1 & FA =6 hours, however if it were F2A, with one 8-week course added it would be 9 maxi hours)
    • AY Hours That Count:  Do not count the credit hours for low enrollment courses in previous terms.
  3. Enter Faculty Work Location Information by following the instructions in Option 1 or Option 2 below,
  4. Clean up this section to assure the form will fit on one page by deleting blank rows. Do this by placing cursor in row and right click > Delete Cells > Delete Entire Row > OK. NOTE: There will be a blank line at the top of the data to delete, too.
  5. Update the [Comments] field using the key provided in the red font on the form. Review data and if a course in a previous term had less than six (6adjunct & staff) or eight (8 - Full-Time Faculty) students enrolled add comment: “Does not count towards load – low enrollment.”. See example with 5 students enrolled:
  6. Complete the bottom of the form with the rationale for the overload request; who is submitting the rationale and appropriate sign off if needed. NOTE: Full-Time Faculty and Staff need additional approval before submitting it to the Provost. The following chart will explain the sign off portion of the screen. 


Option 1

  • Go to www.park.edu/course and search by Faculty / All Campuses. Cover both calendar years if needed. 
  • Copy or type into form.

Option 2

  • From the Faculty Courses Taught spreadsheet (Cognos report), highlight and copy columns D-[Term] thru column K-[Comments]. Do not include the header. 
  • Paste into the Overload form using the [Merge Table] option under the [Term] header in the Current Academic Year (Fall thru Summer). 


 Submitting the Overload Permission Request Form

  1. Send the form and any emails pertinent to the request as attachments to the Provost and their Executive Assistant.

Subject Line: Overload Request <Term> <Instructor’s First & Last Name> (e.g. Overload Request U1A20 – John Doe)

Body of Email: “Please review the attached overload request for the < term >. “


Upload Returned Form and/or Email to eProcess in CX/Jenzabar

  1. When the form is returned from Academic Affairs via email, select the email message (or downloaded attachment) and drag to your desktop.
  2. Right-click on the email/document title and click on [Add FileNet Documents] > [ParkAdminProd] > {Open} > [OK-"Cannot retrieve the folder contents" } > [Open]
  3. Select [Employee Record], in the [Save as Doc Class] > [Employee Record]
  4. Clean up the [Title] by removing the RE: and .docx extension then click on [Save].
  5. Enter the ID then [OK] in the [Employee Record – Lookup Criteria] box. 
  6. In the [Add Document] screen confirm the FullName is the instructor you intended to find.
  7. Scroll down in the [Document Properties > Document Type] box and select [Overload Form – Adjunct]. Staff are considered Adjuncts.
  8. Enter Comment: “<Term> Overload Approved” or “<Term> Overload Disapproved” 
  9. Click on [Finish].

View the eProcess document

  1. Log into CX.
  2. Navigate to [b] Faculty Menu > [a] Faculty Entry Screen > [Escape] > Enter the faculty ID > then [Escape].
  3. Use the F7 key to view the eProcess files and find the uploaded document. 
  4. Click on the [Date Added] field to get the most recent to the top or click on [Document Type] to sort the documents that way and scroll to the Overload Form section and click on it to see all documents that are related to overloads for that instructor.


Frequently Asked Questions 


What is the Criteria to Determine if a Course Counts Towards Load

  • Full-Time Faculty: Courses with eight (8) or more students will count towards load.
  • Adjuncts & Staff:Courses with six (6) or more students will count towards load.
    1. Those with five (5) or less students in a previous term will not count towards load.
    2. Always assume the course will make in the term currently being scheduled.
  • Place holders for study abroad programs do not count as a course for credit. (e.g. SA199)
  • Military Studies “MI” is treated like a regularly scheduled class.


What are the Limits on Number of Courses and Credit Hours

  • Beware of 4 credit hour courses since maximum hours per term are limited to 6 credit hours.
  • 16-week courses:
    1. Based on a 3-credit hour course, an adjunct may teach one 16-week course in the Fall/Spring term and one 8-week course in both Fall 1/Fall 2 or Spring 1/Spring 2 for a maximum hours of 9-credit hours per semester.
    2. The maximum 6-credit hour per term rule prevents adding additional course if two 16-week courses are scheduled. This rule carries over to the 2nd term in the semester.
    3. Staff may not teach a 16-week course in conjunction with an 8-week course.  Courses must be non-concurrent.
    4. Assigning three (3) 16-week courses to one instructor will require approval by the Provost due to being in a term overload status.
  • Instructors who have reached the term, semester, and/or AY limits cannot be scheduled without submitting an Overload Permission Request form.
  • See chart that follows for the credit hour breakout.Read the complete row to understand the maximum hours allowed.


(16 & 8 week)
(16 & 8 week)
Academic Year

Fall & Fall 1

16 & 8 week

up to 6 hours

up to 6 hours

6 hours
Fall & Fall 18 week

up to 6 hours

up to 9 hours

9 hours

Spring & Spring 1

16 & 8 week

up to 6 hours

up to 6 hours

15 hours
Spring 2
8 week

up to 6 hours

up to 9 hours

18 hours


8 week

up to 6 hours

3 or 6 hours
21 hours

Who is responsible for filling out the Overload Permission form?

  • The form should be filled out by the campus center or department that is placing the instructor in overload. 
  • The form should include the justification data provided by the adjunct faculty member, staff, or the department if applicable. This verbiage will be copy/pasted into the form along with the name and title of the person providing the information to you. Remember to attach the email documenting this with the form to the Provost.