You can use the Chromebook as a fully functional Chromebook, or you can jump right into your Employee Virtual Desktop.

To use the full functionality of the Chromebook, click the Next button on the login screen. 

You will be directed to the Single Sign On for Park University. Enter your Park ID number and password, then click the Log In button. 

Here, you have the full functionality of the Chromebook.  


Being logged into the Chromebook means your Chrome browser will load MyPark automatically, and the Mail and Drive icons on the shelf will bring up your Park Email and Park Google Drives for you when you click on them; no need to sign in again.  You can use the icons on the shelf at the bottom to natively launch a Zoom meeting as well as access your Employee Virtual Desktops and Apps.   

To bypass the full Chrome OS experience and get right to your Employee Virtual Desktops, on the login screen, click the Apps button in the bottom left, then click Citrix Workspace.

Next, log into your Virtual Desktop using your regular Windows username (usually first initial and last name)and password, click the checkbox and Log On. 


Click the Desktops Tab at the top, then click your desktop below. 


You are now in your Employee Virtual Desktop.

If you have any questions about the Chromebook:


Please call the ITS Help Desk: 


You can also reach us via Live Web Chat at

Help Desk Hours for Phone & Live Web Chat:
Monday - Friday:  7am to 7pm Central Time